Napoleon Prestige PRO500 RSIB

Napoleon’s Prestige PRO™ Series PRO500RSIB proves that cars aren’t the only thing that has style and performance in one package. This slick grill looks and preforms like its name. Professional. From the pedestal base to the side shelves and lid with chrome details. This grill is made from 304 stainless steel. The best on the market. Grill in style at night with the backlit i-Glow™ control knobs. Shining blue LED lights highlight your PRO500RSIB’s control panel while you grill. Not only do the generous side shelves on the PRO500RSIB provide a fantastic prep surface for grilling, but one side has the infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner and the other has an integrated ice bucket and cutting board. Be the host with the most with a PRO™ Series Grill.
  • › Up to 80,000 BTU’s
  • › 6 burners
  • › Cooking Area: 900 in²
  • › Engaging i-GLOW™ backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
  • › Stainless steel tube burners with crossover lighting
  • › Heavy duty rotisserie kit with counter balance and two forks
  • › Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ grill and side burner
  • › Deluxe high top, space saving LIFT EASE&trade
  • › Roll top lid with polished chrome trim accents and handle
  • › Premium stainless steel side shelves with polished chrome towel bars and tool hooks
  • › Pedestal base with hidden casters
  • › Premium stainless steel side shelves and ice bucket with cutting board
  • › Integrated beverage holders
  • › Polished chrome towel bars and tool hooks
  • › Optional charcoal tray
  • › Available as a natural gas or propane unit

Prestige PRO™ Series PRO500RSIB gives you a total of six burners. Four bottom tube burners made with 304 stainless steel give you the durability and heat control that Napoleon® is known for. The infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner heats to 1800°F in seconds. That means searing the perfect, steak house style meal in minutes. The SIZZLE ZONE™ is a piece of ceramic that has many little holes. Gas is forced through these holes and lit. The ceramic grows read hot in seconds, producing infrared heat. Easily lock in the juices and self baste your meals with the rotisserie burner.

The Napoleon® Prestige PRO™ Series PRO500RSIB Gas Grill is 500 square inches. That’s enough main grilling surface to grill up to 31 hamburgers! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Optimum heat control is one of the qualities of a Napoleon® Grill. You can roast or sear over the main burners with ease. Even bake everything from chicken to cake on your PRO500RSIB. The trick is the double walled lid. It is nearly completely sealed, letting very little heat escape, trapping the heat and circulating it like a conventional oven. You can even use a PRO™ Series Gas Grill as a smoker, just add soaked wood chips to the stainless steel smoker tube. Turn your gas grill into a charcoal grill with the cast iron charcoal smoker tray too. Just remove the sear plates and place the charcoal tray in. Use the included rotisserie for restaurant quality roasted meats. And sear the perfect steak over the infrared side burner, and then finish on the grill. You can also use the infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ for small batch cooking instead of using the main tube burners on your grill, and even as a burner to make sauces or sauté over while grilling the main dish.

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Napoleon works with its customers designing and implementing features sought after by discriminating consumers around the world. Time after time Napoleon has led the way with new and innovative patented technology: luxurious Gas Grills , exclusive Infra-red grilling experience and some of North America’s most advanced state-of-the-art technology. Innovative engineering and design, advanced manufacturing techniques, dedicated customer service, outstanding product quality, and superior warranties distinguish Napoleon from its competitors.

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